My history and how to contact me

Now a bit about myself, as a tribute to a good manners 🙂

My name is Inga and I am hereditary photographer in the fourth generation. Photo camera was in my hands from the cradle and I held it earlier and more confident than even a spoon 🙂

I am a System Engineer of PC by education.
And, since it was dictated not by necessity, but by my craving for technics in general and electronic computer in particular, computers have turned out to be my profession, that I have been involved in for more than 20 years. 

In the last 5 years my lifelong passion for photography developed into a professional occupation and started to bring income.
Then I started to realize that in order to be in demand, it's not enough to be a photographer or even a good photographer. And I began studying of photo-retouching actively.
Today I have been working with this activity as a freelancer.
Also, I actively explore the photo-stock business and the photo-art.
You can find my works as a photographer and retoucher on my website:

Another direction of my activity and my active interest is cryptocurrency.
For over two years I have been "mining" cryptocurrency in pools by using of my own equipment, as well as other ways that I have found and tested by practical consideration. 

You can communicate with me, joining into my VKontakte group or subscribing to my page on Facebook. For those of you who decide to follow my example of mining cryptocurrency (exceptionally on the links listed in my article "How can you start accumulating cryptocurrency and create own passive income?"), I will give Skype-consultation in your becoming in the cryptocurrency world and will answer your questions on this topic.

My Skype: vsetutua

You can also subscribe, if you are interested to learn and find out what I have already confidently mastered 🙂

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