Our projects and direction of friends


"PhotoGist"  – Photo project of Myslovska & Voropaieva

{Finding your "I" through photography, body art, dance and new experiences}


"Zouk.in.U" – Dance project of Alesya Voropaieva

{You want to find femininity and learn to fly? Then let me invite you to the dance….?*) } Psychology


"Transpersonal Psychology" –

 {Transpersonal experiences have very powerful healing capabilities are essential for creativity, aesthetic and ethical development. }


"SILVER 925"

 {Shop jewelry of 925 silver with natural stones -Ham Tien-Vietnam-}



 {tailoring for themselves and to order ✃ -Kiev-}


"Zhitomir ATP 11854"




  ПОДРУЖИТЬСЯ СО МНОЙ Запчасти для телефонов, паяльные станции, экраны к телефонам счетчик посещений

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